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Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
long, hard court battles throughout the civil rights era to make sure these groups would not have to disclose their donors to people. so melanie is right that it's odd we are requiring disclosure of little amounts given to candidates, but not large amounts not given to candidates. i am open to adjustments on those. there can be a lot of changes made in offense, but i think there is a fundamental difference there. there has not been a retreat for disclosure. we have never had before in our countries history, tracking people's political activity. he might jump in there. one of the thing that comes to mind is the game has changed, so has the ability to turn around disclosure itemization quickly. that's one of the things that's happening. >> iowa to talk about the irs. i like talking about boring subjects attempt to beat me down like a path that could never get out of. it is supposed to regulate social welfare nonprofits. social welfare nonprofits, 501-c4 groups come in the whole idea of dark money, their primary purpose is supposed to be social welfare, right? they're supposed to be hel
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
street. algeria has a lot of work to do to up old universal rights in create space for civil society a message of the burden person in february. on the one hand strains of extremism the renovations as well as the broader region and the misstates we have seen actions that would be hard to imagine a few years ago. elected leaders and free people in arab countries standing up for a peaceful pluralist future. it is too soon to say how the transitions will play out. but not in doubt is america has a big stake in the outcome. last month at united nations i met with leaders from across the region. i told them each that united states will continue to pursue a strategy to support emerging democrat -- democracies as their work to provide effective security grounded in the rule of law to spur economic growth and bolster democratic institutions. we've made those our priorities. to leverage new partnerships through the g-8, andrea step up our engagement with the arab league to sign the first ever memorandum of understanding for a strategic dialogue. we recognize that words are cheap. when restock a
Oct 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
shop which is right outside the door here, and you'll be staying for signing. >> i will. and as a civil servant of the government, i don't receive any royalties, so the price has been set very low, and i hope you all enjoy it. [laughter] >> let's talk a little bit about the idea that these machines have proceeded us to mars. is it still, ultimately, the target to put a human being there? >> for sure. and it's sometimes very surprising if you talk -- all of the scientists i spoke to really want to be there. they, they sense that they need to be there in order to do exploration the way it should be done. and part of it has to do with all those limitations that i talked about. they all want to go in different places. we'd accomplish a lot more with six people than six people standing on a skateboard together. and i think your point, though, about anticipating or preparing has become more and more real. i don't think we understood that so well before mer. that we could for reasonable cost put these rovers in different places around mars and figure out where would we want to go, where
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3